Benefits of Listing

Every single month, the traffic to Land Surveyors United rises on an average of 22%. We recieve approximately 70% of our traffic from search engines and 15% from referrals to our network and welcome on the average 10-12 new members per day. This means that the majority of our visitors come by way of our search engine optimization. With group forums for virtually every geographic area on the planet, associating your company website with the correct localized group, you'll receive more targeted traffic to your site and thus, found much easier in search engines.

You are building your reputation online with each and every piece of content that you add to the internet. It's up to you how this reputation translates in search engines. When you are helpful to your fellow surveyors, your reputation is built in a positive manner and thus, your online reach is increased. When someone is looking for a land surveyor in thier local search engine, who do you think is the person they will choose to perform thier survey? You. Why? Because you are demonstrably a knowledgable professional associated with a professional organization like Land Surveyors United.

Other Benefits for Your Surveying Company:

  • The only other site which offers a service of this type charges upwards of $90 per month to list your company. Our directory is available for a minimum suggested donation to the network to help with maintenance and hosting and covers the ENTIRE YEAR!

  • Your state or country page is geo-located to produce search results in your geographic area in local search engines.

  • Tie your other social profiles to your listing for the most comprehensive method of contact for you or your company.

  • Unlike many of our members-only pages and features on LSU, this directory is directed towards the public and getting you more business and online leads.

  • Your company will benefit from our network's highly reputable online presence on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many other areas of the social webscape, where surveyors can and should be found.