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Thank you for supporting Land Surveyors United! This network is a dynamic not-for-profit support resource for professional land surveyors across the globe. We are rapidly becoming the premier grassroots worldwide support network for the entire land surveying industry and with this growth, we are in constant need of more server space, hosting options, translation options, etc. Due to the fact that LSU is not currentlyfinancially backed by any major companies or institutions, member donations are how we stay alive and growing. Please consider making a contribution to our growth by making a pledge to the community in an amount which you can afford.

Your donation will go towards keeping LSU alive and free for the Surveying Industry. In addition, rest assure that your hard earned money will be put to use in at least one of the following ways:

Monthly costs with maintaining Hosting, Network Maintenance, Live Support, Fees associated with monthly billing related all of the moving parts of LSU, Development of Real-Time support tools, Web Development, Mobile Version and Application Development, Out Reach,Development of Continuing Education Program for Surveyors and Online Training in Foreign Countries and more.